Shes four years old.Shes intelligent.Shes got dark brown hair and brown eyes.Shes got a small nose and a big smile.Shes got four fingers and a thumb on her hand.She lives with her family.She hasnt got a big family.Shes got two sisters.She likes people and her friends.When shes happy.She jumps up and down and laughs.She loves chocolate and bananas too!It is Sally or Paula?Well,its both Sally and Paula.Paulasa litlle girl,Sallys a chimpanzee.How are they different?Chimpazees live in forests in Africa,people live in towns and cities.Why are they smiliar?Because theyve got almost the same DNA is the chemical in our bodies that makes us people,or chimpanzees,or fish,or dogs,etc.Ninety-eight percent of human DNA and chimpanzee DNA is the same.There is only 2% difference.

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