Expressions to describe your day:
Days of week-Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
Morning actions-get up at seven o’clock; get up at about nine; wake up around
eight in the morning; make the bed; do morning exercises; do a set of morning
exercises; do sit-ups; do knee-bends; do push-ups; do pull-ups; run in the park in
the morning; work out in the gym three times a week;
take a shower; take a bath; brush my teeth; wash my face; comb my hair;
apply make-up; go to the bathroom;
go to the kitchen; make breakfast; cook breakfast; have breakfast; eat
breakfast; wash the dishes;
a cup of black coffee; coffee with milk and sugar; coffee with cream; a cup of
green tea; a cup of tea with lemon; a glass of orange juice; a glass of milk;have cornflakes with milk and a cup of tea for breakfast; drink a glass of
orange juice; eat two boiled eggs and a ham sandwich for breakfast;
get dressed; put on clothes; put on a business suit; put on a pair of jeans and a
sweater; put on my coat; leave at 8։30; leave for work at eight in the morning

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