Без названияJiro is Japanese , and he likes food! When he asks , Do you want an egg ? , be careful . Most of us eat cooked eggs , but in Japan they often eat raw eggs on top of rice . Jiro says , We eat sushi — raw fish — all the time in Japan , so it isnt surprising that we eat raw eggs too!

Katka says that in her country , Slovenia , they have very good stews . Some of then are chicken ar beet , but others have got different meat — mice ! Not for me , thanks !

And now were at Lastris house . She lives in Indonesia . Its time to eat . Whats this ? you ask . oh , its a dragonfly , she answers . Perhaps you say : Ah , I see … er , not for me , thanks , and put it back on the plate !

Wangs from China , and his favourite food is snake  in them . There are special anake meat is good . I dont think I want to try it . But maybe Jiro , Katka , Lastri or Wang wouldny like some of the things that I eat !

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