Armenian Foods

20171115-chicken-soup-vicky-wasik-11-1500x1125» title=»Armenian cuisine — khash»>.» title=»Armenian cuisine — hash» alt=»Armenian cuisine — khash» src=»»>Soups in Armenian cuisine are very popular; they are cooked so skillfully that you’ll remember their taste for the rest of your life.

Armenian housewives cook fragrant khash and high-calorie boozbash. Soups in Armenia are cooked using various recipes.

There are soups with a sour-milk—egg base, separately prepared bozbash and difficult kinds of noodles.

The most known Armenian soup is called khash (from “khashel” – to boil). It is cooked from beef or mutton legs for almost 24 hours. It is a rich, viscous, fragrant and extremely healthy soup.

Bozbash is the soup from young lamb and big peas. The large chunks of meat together with small bones are semi cooked. Then they are removed from the broth and slightly fried.

Then the meat is put into a casserole and covered with half of broth. Potato cubes, peeled eggplants, Bulgarian pepper and onions are added. The entire mass is seasoned with tomato paste, salt, pepper and is cooked until ready.

Poch is the ancient soup from cow tails. At first, in order to get rid of the smell the tail is soaked in flowing water.

Then it is cut, put into a casserole with tomatoes, onions, sweet and spicy pepper. Then boiling water is added and the entire mass is simmered for three hours.

Chulumbur apur – rice soup with fried onions, seasoned with a mixture of eggs and milk.

Yaini — soup from beef with dried pitted and halved apricot

Tarkhana – a version of chicken noodles

Sunki apur — mushroom soup with rice

Anushapur – soup from dried pitted and halved apricot

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