Different Cultures- Different Pets

In Britain, about 50% of homes have got a pet. Almost sin million people in Britain have got a dog and five million have got a cat. Dogs, cats, birds and fish are the world’s  favourite pets. 

But people in other countries have got different ideas about pets. In Arab countries, for example, dogs are not popular because people believe they aren’t clean. And in Africa, very few people have got animals as pets.

Some people in China and Japan have got small but noisy pets. They aren’t dogs, cats, fish or budgies: they’re fighting crickets. These pets are very noisy!

The Inuits of northern Canada keep bear cubs, foxes and baby seals. They look after them until the animals grow up.

Another example of an unusual pet is the ‘Madagascar hissing cockroach’. It’s quite big. It’s clean and doesn’t bite, and it sometimes makes a loud noise. Madagascar hissing cockroaches make good pets for children. In Australia and Indonesia, some people have got’ sugar gliders’. They are marsupials (that means they have got a pocket or pouch’ for their babies — like a Kangaroo) and they ‘ fly ‘ from tree to tree.

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Картинки по запросу fish pets


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Картинки по запросу baby seals

Картинки по запросу Madagascar hissing cockroach

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