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1)Wtite full sentences. Use is/isn’t/are/aren’t.

My brother is a teacher.

This house isn’t very big.

The shops aren’t open today.

My keys are in my bag.

Jenny is 18 years old.

You aren’t very tall.

2)I’m hungry.

It is warm today.

I’m afraid of dogs.

My hands are cold.

Canada  is a very big country.

Diamonds aren’t cheap.

I’m interested in football.

Rome isn’t in Spain.


3)Use is or are.

Is your job interesting?

Are the shops open today?

Are you interested in sport?

Is  the post office near here?

Are your children at school?

Why are you late?


4)What’s your name?

Are you married?

Are you American?

How old are you?

Are you a teacher?

Is your wife a lawyer?

Where is she from?

What’s her name?

How old is she?

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