Different places- Different lives

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Calvin lives on Vatersay, an island in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
The island is very, very small. It  is five kilometres long and five kilometres wide, and there are fewer than 100 people on the island
Calvin’s father works as a fisherman. He usually leaves the house before six o’clock in the morning. His mum always spends the day at home. She often does the housework, but the only thing she does. She teaches Calvin and his three sisters too. Vatersay hasn’t got a school, so the children learn at home.
Calvin and his family sometimes watch TTV in the evenings, but not very often, because the pictures the is hardly ever very good.

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Mawar lives in the of Kertajara, West Java, It is 80 Kilometres to the city from Mawar’s never goes to that  school. There is a temporary school in Mawar’s village, and that’s where she and 100 ofter pupils have their lessons every day. ‘I can’t seven kilometres to school  and back again every day. There are often storms and there is a lot of rain,’ Mawar says. ‘The school in our village is great. The building is old and is isn’t very good. But it means I can always go to school.’Mawar and her family never watch television- they haven’t got a TV.

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