My Favourite Sport

Every one thinks only boys play football. Eversince child hood, when I saw guys playing football in the yard, I was thinking why I could not play with them either. One day I got upset and approached the guys and asked them to let me play with them. That day I asked, and then they started asking me, did not I? My father was opposed because he thought he was not a girlfriend, but due to my mother, he soon gave up and I appeared in the Women’s Football Federation of Armenia. I was not happy enough. I have participated in many competitions, have had victories and defeats. Outside, at school, I often heard that football changed a lot for me to become a boy. But I did not agree with anyone’s opinion, attended my classes. Football has changed pretty much, I have become more confident in my decisions. I would like to see a girls’ soccer team gather in this school to help me deal with my favorite sport.image (24)

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