Look at the pictures and complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the post simple.

  1. I dont want to go and see the film because i saw it last week
  2. I dont need a football because in yesterday
  3. I know a lot abaut Paris because in two years
  4. I dont nedd to worry about my homework because a last night
  5. I havent got a playstation any more because in June
  6. Mum is angry with me because a week

Complate using the correct past continous form of the verbs in brackets

1.Ted (Play) his guitar at half past seven .

2. At midnight i (Sleep) but jane (Listen) to music.

3.Luke (Stend) outside the bank when suddenly two robbers ran past him.

4.I know Doug (Work) late at the office because i saw him when i (Leave)

5. you (Have) a shower when the earthquake happened?

6.Pany (Run) to catch the bus when she slipped and fell.

7.When you saw Eudene he (Go) home?

8. At midinight ? Erm we (Watch) a DVD i think

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